Using a Novel Approach

Asmacure Ltée, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical firm, was dedicated to the research and development of its lead compound ASM-024 for the treatment of inflammatory lung diseases. The scientific rationale for the development of ASM-024 was based on the role of the cholinergic system in the regulation of airway bronchomotor tone and inflammation. ASM-024, a non-steroidal small synthetic compound that does not cross the blood brain barrier, with dual antagonist activity on nicotinic and muscarinic receptors was developed.

A thorough nonclinical safety program was conducted with ASM-024 including pharmacokinetic / metabolism studies, safety pharmacology studies, toxicology studies, and genotoxicity studies.

ASM-024 has been safely administered to >200 humans via the oral route and inhalation route, i.e. nebulization of a solution and dry powder formulation.

Multiple publications in the scientific and clinical literature suggest that cholinergic receptors are target to cancer therapy.  In preliminary studies, ASM-024, displayed in vitro inhibitory effects on the growth of the lung cancer cells in a dose and time-dependent manner.

In August 2015, Odan Laboratories Ltd acquired Asmacure Ltée to continue the development of ASM-024, for the potential treatment of certain cancers alone or in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents.